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Earn income by chatting with lonely souls

Could earning money by chatting with lonely men be your calling? In a time where smartphones are an extension of ourselves, it is ironic that isolation has crept into many lives. The irony of being constantly connected yet profoundly alone is a modern paradox. A survey of U.S. adults from December 2021 found that 57 … Read more →

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Texting Factory Expands Its Recruitment to Norway

Seeking Skilled Norwegian Chat Operators! Are you a Norwegian speaker with a knack for communication and a desire for flexibility in your work? If so, we have some exciting news for you. Texting Factory is expanding its operations to Norway. We’re on the hunt for skilled chat operators who can bring their unique talents to … Read more →

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Flirt chat jobs: what you need to know

In the vast universe of online chat jobs, a unique opportunity to earn from the comfort of your home has emerged – the flirt chat job. While it might sound like a breeze or a job without much accountability, it’s actually quite the opposite. It can be time-consuming and demands solid communication skills. Plus, it … Read more →

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Is overnight chat work from home something for you?

Overnight work from home chat tasks are positions in which you will be answering text during evenings and nights. The industries to work in can range from customer service to more interesting stuff such as fantasy-based networks. The latter might have you handling various roles depending upon what your customer is asking for. Some customers … Read more →

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What it takes to work a Text Chat Operator job

The world of text chat operator jobs can be an exciting one. Chatting with people through text is definitely a skill that takes some time to get used to, but you will quickly find that it’s worth it when you see how much fun it can be and how many different opportunities there are in … Read more →

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The secrets to a successful Online Chat Moderator career

Text chat moderator work may be a fascinating profession. Text chatting is likely to take some getting used to, but when you discover how much fun it can be and the number of new possibilities it opens up, you’ll quickly believe it’s well worth the effort. And not just customer support. An online chat agent … Read more →