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The secrets to a successful Online Chat Moderator career

Text chat moderator work may be a fascinating profession. Text chatting is likely to take some getting used to, but when you discover how much fun it can be and the number of new possibilities it opens up, you’ll quickly believe it’s well worth the effort.

And not just customer support. An online chat agent may be expected to coach new recruits, monitor social media profiles, and more.

This post will give you a quick rundown of what it takes to be a chat moderator in a text chat business.

What is an online chat moderator?

Online chat moderator is a job that requires you to interact with clients and customers using text. You may be responding to queries, providing customer care information, or resolving issues that arise in your conversations. A chat moderator may train brand-new employees, check and monitor corporate social media accounts, and virtually anything else regarding textual interaction and typing.

How to become a chat moderator?

To become a chat moderator, you must fulfil certain requirements. The criteria for a text chat moderator position differ from company to company, and they might include: knowledge of customer service, typing speed, and familiarity with a particular computer system program like Word where you will be keeping track of your conversations.

Depending on the kinds of chat moderator jobs available online, requirements will vary. If you want to be a chat moderator who provides training, excellent communication skills would be required. But if you need to manage social media accounts, knowing all kinds of computer programs may not matter that much.

It’s also critical that people working in this area have a lot of patience since communicating via text takes time!

The following are the three criteria that will have the most impact on your success as a text moderator:

1. Typing speed

Typing 40 words per minute is a bare minimum requirement for this line of work. If you want to be a text chat moderator, this is usually the minimal level needed for this sort of job, therefore you must meet those requirements.

This must be taken seriously since they have a significant impact on your performance at work. For example, there’s no sense in being a great communicator if you can’t type out responses fast enough!

2. Imagination and creativity

Don’t just deliver the identical response every time; be original! Life is meant to be enjoyed, and variety adds spice to one’s profession as a chat moderator.

An online text chat moderator must be able to think on their feet and come up with witty replies quickly. Because how well you can keep your client interested during conversations determines how successful you will be in these kinds of jobs. This is a good overall rule for when responding to a query: Don’t just give one response! Keep it pleasant and amusing; they’ll remember what you have to say because of it.

Creativity will also help you deal with potential complaints professionally and swiftly. You must learn how to provide answers rapidly or, at the very least, lead people who are irritated into understanding what’s going on without losing your focus or taking sides too much in either case.

3. Know when it’s time to take a break or to stop chat work for the day

Irritation, like in all professions that interact with customers, is just around the corner. You’ll need the ability to deal with enraged clients and keep your emotions in check while chatting with other people.

You must be able to handle your disappointment and not project it on a different individual through the chat window.

It takes some practice, but avoid getting upset if clients ask for unreasonable things. This isn’t personal. There will always be individuals who make mistakes or ask questions we’ve already heard too many times.

Be sure you’re comfortable with your boundaries and that they’re clearly established before moving forward. It might be an uncomfortable situation for either party, but it’s vital to remember that this is a two-way street. Clients need to deal with the individual on the other side of their chat with respect too.

It’s critical to understand when you need a break and how long you can focus on chatting, especially since disappointments will occur from time to time.

How much does a chat moderator earn?

The weekly pay for online chat moderator jobs range from $200 to $800 per week, depending on the sort of work they do. The quantity of money you make will also be determined by how many hours you work each day, in addition to the industry and amount of required experience, training, or education.

Also frequently, chat moderators get compensated for each message. This implies that the more messages an agent handles, the greater their hourly wage will be. These occupations usually pay between $10 and $25 per hour.

Let’s say you can process 60 messages each hour for a charge of $0.15 per message. This will earn you $9 per hour. It may not appear to be much of a draw, but the advantage is that many businesses would let you choose your own working hours because of this rule.

Let’s assume you’ve got work four hours before dawn, then take the afternoon off to spend time with friends, go to the gym, or look after your kids. Then you have another four hours of work once your children have gone to bed. That totals to $72 per day times 6 days = $432 weekly, while still having the freedom to decide how your day will look.

Why you need to consider a chat moderator job

The advantages of being a text chat moderator include the flexibility of your schedule, gaining meaning in your job by connecting with individuals all around the globe, and receiving compensation for it!

Don’t try to work too much or become frustrated while doing these conversations; otherwise, you’ll never make it last! That means knowing when it’s time to take a break or quit talking for the day if required.

Do you want to work as an online chat moderator?

If you’re looking for a job that allows you to work whenever, from anywhere, and find meaning in your work by connecting with others (among other perks), becoming an online chat moderator might be the perfect fit. The freedom of this profession is unrivalled; as long as there’s a web connection nearby, you can operate whenever and wherever you choose.

By connecting with people, chat moderators find meaning in their job. It’s an intriguing approach to discover your interests and passions while earning money for the time you put in. Chat moderators are responsible for providing customer service through text-based chat on behalf of their organisation’s website or app – no phone required! Neither does it need any prior knowledge.


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